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Easing traffic congestion

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The light for cars making a left on to Eaton Street from 7th Avenue lasts forever ā€“ or at least it seems like it. However, the light does not usually turn green for the cars making … Continue reading

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Caltrans explains the anatomy of clogged traffic on Mission Street

Dear Street Smarts, Q: It seems nothing has been done about the back-up of traffic at the intersection of King and Mission Streets in Santa Cruz. With hundreds of cars coming down from UCSC, clogging High Street, Storey and King, … Continue reading

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Hwy 129 ‘Safety Corridor’ on hold, traffic enforcement is not

Dear Street Smarts, Q: You may recall that I wrote to you several months ago regarding the lack of traffic enforcement on Highway 129 between Watsonville and Highway 101. On one occasion after I wrote to you, I did see … Continue reading

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Triggering the green light 101

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Every time me and my buddy, TrugDog, come to a stop light, he bugs me to ‘move up a little bit’ to ‘activate the sensor,’ as if there is some hidden sensor to activate the green … Continue reading

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Bicycle detection at traffic signals

Bicycle Detection at Traffic Signals Editor’s note: Todays blog comes courtesy of Cheryl Schmitt, bicycle coordinator for Santa Cruz’s public works department. Her submission hopes to educate cyclists about getting traffic signals to see them and go from red to … Continue reading

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Right turn on red at Hwy 1, Rio del Mar questioned

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Taking the Highway 1 southbound exit ramp to Rio del Mar and heading right toward the ocean, one is immediately confronted with a stoplight for the turning lane. There used to be a yield sign here. … Continue reading

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Almar, Miramar traffic lights on Mission should be better synched now

Dear Street Smarts Q: This new light at Mission Street and Miramar Drive added to an already frustrating drive down Mission. The light, which is mere feet away from the light at Almar Avenue, doesn’t seem to be synced with … Continue reading

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Follow-up on Mission Street crosswalk

Dear Street Smarts, Q: In your January 11th column, Jennifer Cherk presented an astute analysis of the dysfunction of the pedestrian signals on Mission Street. In response, you quote Caltrans traffic engineer Dario Senor as saying, “It is very important … Continue reading

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Synchronize traffic signals to help commuters, reader says

Q: Iā€™m writing this morning to inquire about the situation I face every morning of the work week ā€“ which I can only describe as an engineering mess. The exit for Soquel Avenue from southbound Highway 1 is a constant … Continue reading

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