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Easing traffic congestion

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The light for cars making a left on to Eaton Street from 7th Avenue lasts forever – or at least it seems like it. However, the light does not usually turn green for the cars making … Continue reading

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Bikes, traffic lights and yellow lines

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Thanks for the column on bike theft (Monday, Feb. 18). Of course, the safest bike parking are the bike lockers and at 5 cents an hour it is a great deal. You can use your park … Continue reading

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Readers sound off about signal lights at Soquel Dr. and Dover/Mattison

On Monday, Street Smarts printed a letter from a reader seeking change at the intersection of Soquel Drive at Dover Drive and Mattison Lane. There are two traffic signals in close proximity there and drivers get confused about which one … Continue reading

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Almar, Miramar traffic lights on Mission should be better synched now

Dear Street Smarts Q: This new light at Mission Street and Miramar Drive added to an already frustrating drive down Mission. The light, which is mere feet away from the light at Almar Avenue, doesn’t seem to be synced with … Continue reading

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What can motorcycles do and not do?

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I am wondering what all the current rules and laws are for motorcycles. I am constantly being passed on two-way streets by motorcycles in the bike lanes or on the left side, and in many cases … Continue reading

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Synchronize traffic signals to help commuters, reader says

Q: I’m writing this morning to inquire about the situation I face every morning of the work week – which I can only describe as an engineering mess. The exit for Soquel Avenue from southbound Highway 1 is a constant … Continue reading

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Bringing Laurel Street in sync

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Any synchronization plans for Laurel Street? Laurel from Chestnut Street to Broadway and Ocean Street is especially ridiculous! M-F Commuter via the Reader Forum A:”It’s being worked on,” said Chris Schneiter, civil engineer for the city … Continue reading

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Fixing wacky signal lights; giving cyclists the right of way, readers want to know

Dear Street Smarts, Q What’s up with the signal light along 7th Avenue at Soquel Avenue? I go to work at 5 a.m. each day and the light holds in the red for a very long time. Sometimes I have … Continue reading

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