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How do you fight a red light camera ticket, have the fine reduced?, readers ask

Dear Street Smarts, Q: A while back you did an article about a woman who got a ticket from the photo police after stopping and then making a right turn. My husband is going through the same problem. I cannot … Continue reading

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Street Smarts talks traffic fines

Ever wonder what the fines are for various traffic violations? Below are some of the common tickets written, as posted on http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/reference/documents/2009_jcbail.pdf. The first number after the citation listed is the base fine, while the second is the total fine, … Continue reading

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Street Smarts looks at traffic school as a way to learn new things

Ah, traffic school. After getting pulled over by a police officer for disobeying the rules of the road and paying a hefty fine, shamed drivers decide to sign up for traffic school rather than try to fight it in court. … Continue reading

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