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The story behind speed limits

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Why do we have speed limits? I find that by going the speed limit, I am actually an obstacle in the road for others to go around. People, in general, do not drive the speed limit. … Continue reading

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Western Drive speed limit sign error

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The city recently increased the speed limit on Western Drive between Mission Street and Empire Grade from 25 to 30 mph — at least for the most part. It’s now signed 25 mph going up the … Continue reading

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CHP to crack down on speeders

When traveling from point A to point B in your ride, it is not OK to try to break the sound barrier or travel at the speed of light. Now through Sept. 30, 2012, the California Highway Patrol will be … Continue reading

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What’s the speed limit on Salinas Road?, reader asks

Dear Street Smarts, Q: First question: When bikes come to a stop sign and pedestrian crosswalk, are they supposed to get off their bikes and walk them across the intersection? Second question: Why isn’t there enforcement at the Storey and … Continue reading

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The anatomy of posting a speed limit

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I am just curious. Do you get a lot of complaints regarding the illogical speed limit of 25 mph on Capitola Road in front of the Capitola DMV? I recently was issued a ticket here and … Continue reading

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Speed limit to be lowered on Freedom Blvd

On August 23, Street Smarts published a letter from Terry Crovo that sought to lower the speed limit along Freedom Boulevard to improve safety for students at Aptos High School and a mobile home park in the area. The response … Continue reading

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New digital speed limit signs going up near Watsonville schools

     When elementary and middle school students head back to class Aug. 12, they’ll be met by a new traffic calming device that aims to help them get to school safely.      Later this month or early next month, the city … Continue reading

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Reduce speed limit on Highway 129

Q         The improvements on Highway 17 are quite impressive, but it makes me wonder about another highway in the county, Highway 129. While this road obviously carries far less traffic than Highway 17, it seems as if there have been … Continue reading

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