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Stopping on Laurel Street hill difficult for stick shift drivers, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Could you ask the city why the top of Laurel Street hill is not timed with the stop lights by Louden Nelson? It used to be that cars would not be stopped there when reaching the … Continue reading

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Lane configuration is confusing, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Concerning the new light at Mission Street and Miramar Drive, while heading toward Safeway on Miramar, there are two lanes marked on the street but neither lane has directional markings, such as left, straight, right. Has … Continue reading

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Isn’t bicycling in the opposite direction of traffic illegal?, reader asks

Dear Street Smarts,      Q: How can there be a bike lane on a one way street going against traffic? I thought bikes had to follow the same laws as cars.      Tim      A: That’s true. In general, it … Continue reading

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