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Toyota recalls Prius, Scion and FCHV-ADV vehicles

Safety concerns are behind Toyota’s recall of more than a million Prius, Scion and FCHV-ADV vehicles. Here’s the break down: Model: 2004-09 Prius Units impacted: 669,,706 The problem: The steering could fail due to insufficient hardness of metal splines built … Continue reading

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Hybrid’s lack of engine noise worries some road users

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I had this thought after I went for a drive in my daughter’s new hybrid Prius. It was so quiet that it could prove to be dangerous to pedestrians used to hearing cars approaching. Now, it … Continue reading

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More venting about road peeves from readers

     Every once in awhile, people need someone to vent to – someone who’ll just listen. I asked readers to tell me their road-related peeves. Boy, did I get an earful. Below is a snippet of some reader rants received … Continue reading

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