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Gas prices rise slightly since last month

The pain at the pump appears to be leveling off. AAA of Northern California reports gas prices are averaging $3.11, up four cents from last month. Of the 25 metro areas it tracks gas prices, all except one had seen … Continue reading

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The skinny on motorized scooters

To try to save money on gas and maneuver around gridlock, some of you may be thinking about getting a motor scooter. Motorized scooters are two-wheeled devices that have handlebars, a floorboard for you’re your feet to rest or to … Continue reading

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Gas prices falling again thanks to slow economy

     There are two gas stations in East San Jose that sell regular unleaded fuel for about $2.40 per gallon. They sit right across from each other on McKee Road near Highway 101.      Everywhere else, regular gas goes for … Continue reading

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Gas prices are stabilizing

The slow economy, reduced demand for fuel and a rise in supply are helping to stabilize gas prices, according to AAA. Three weeks ago, gas prices began a steep increase, before stalling about a week ago, the organization said. The … Continue reading

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Less traffic on the county’s roads, driver behavior change

Is it me or is there less traffic on the road?   I drive highways 1 and 17 often during various times of day and I must say, travel is a breeze compared to what is was a year ago. … Continue reading

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New year shuttles in higher gas prices

Two-dollar-a-gallon gasoline has returned to Santa Cruz County . Just when I had gotten used to getting change back after trying to squeeze $20 worth of regular unleaded into my 2004 Chevy Aveo, I, once again, have to completely part … Continue reading

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