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Replacing clean air vehicle stickers

Drivers of clean emissions vehicles, such as hybrids, may be eligible to receive replacement clean air vehicle stickers should the car be totaled in a crash. The stickers allow solo drivers to use carpool lanes during commute hours. A law … Continue reading

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Reducing your carbon footprint

Guilty. That was the verdict six impartial jury members, which included County Supervisor Mark Stone and cycling activist Charlie Dixon, rendered Saturday against the automobile and its crimes against humanity and the Earth. As part of International Day of Climate … Continue reading

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Tires may soon tell you how good they are for your car

     The next time you buy new tires for your vehicle, they may carry information that’ll tell you how they’ll impact your car’s fuel efficiency. Tires that are properly inflated improve fuel economy.      Last week, the Department of Transportation … Continue reading

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Gas prices are stabilizing

The slow economy, reduced demand for fuel and a rise in supply are helping to stabilize gas prices, according to AAA. Three weeks ago, gas prices began a steep increase, before stalling about a week ago, the organization said. The … Continue reading

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