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School’s in session, slow down

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Can you do a public service announcement regarding driver safety as all our schools open this week to possibly ask people to be mindful, as we have so many children biking, walking, scootering, skateboarding and driving … Continue reading

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Don’t toss flaming cigarette butts out car windows

Dear Street Smarts, Q: In this high fire danger period, is it illegal for a driver to toss a lit cigarette out the window? I observed a spark trail from a cigarette tossed out of a black mini SUV with … Continue reading

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City’s EV fleet charging stations soon to be off limits to public

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Sunday, we went downtown for the ‘Eat Like A Greek’ festival in our Chevy Volt. I knew that the City Hall parking lot would be ideal–close by and electric charging stations, which I didn’t know were … Continue reading

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Have you heard…?

Many of you probably subscribe to or have a preferred source for traffic information before you hit the road. Perhaps, it’s a traffic website or radio station. Maybe your navigation device can warn you of trouble up ahead. Here’s one … Continue reading

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A day in the life of the Santa Cruz Area CHP office

Unless you have a police scanner or have a friend or relative in law enforcement, it can be difficult to imagine what its like being out on patrol. The following is a day in the life of the Aptos CHP … Continue reading

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Child passenger safety help from AAA, local agencies

AAA of Northern California will help parents ensure the safety of their young children by hosting free child safety seat and booster seat inspections. Motor vehicle crashes are the top killers of children age four and up, as children are … Continue reading

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Slow for the Flare Zone

  Caltrans has its “Slow for the Cone Zone” campaign in which motorists are fined double for not playing it safe around that agency’s workers as they maintain state highways.   Mike DeMars, Public Education officer for the Central Fire … Continue reading

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