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Making right turns in the presence of bicycles

Dear Street Smarts, Q: If I am driving on a street that has two lanes each direction plus a bike lane in either direction. Let’s say that I am in the right hand lane and I need to make a … Continue reading

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Facebook group pays tribute to the dangers of Highway 17

One of the newest groups on Facebook is geared toward our very own Highway 17. “Not Crashing on Highway 17” was started on Feb. 22 because, as its creators says, not “many people are fans of crashing” on that winding, … Continue reading

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The Street Smarts of silent automobiles

Yesterday’s blog looked at cracking down on motorcycle noise in one Santa Cruz neighborhood. What do you think about requiring hybrids and all-electric vehicles to emit some sort of noise to reduce the risk of collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists? … Continue reading

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