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You drink, you drive, someone dies

Don’t drink and drive. It’s not a slogan. It’s a way of life. To disobey that rule puts you and everyone around you in danger while also creating a trail of sorrow and pain. Adolfo “Adolf” Galvan, the 70-year-old owner … Continue reading

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Remember to slow down move over for roadside construction, emergency efforts

A rash of collisions involving motorists and highway and/or emergency workers has Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol and the Office of Traffic Safety are calling on drivers to be extra careful and obey the states slow down move over law. … Continue reading

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Curious commuter seeks traffic collision info

Dear Street Smarts, Q: So often, when I slog past a traffic accident and try not to rubberneck, I wonder what has happened. My question is: Where and/or how can I find out? Sue Broadston, Santa Cruz A: The public … Continue reading

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Video urges drivers to obey traffic laws

The Chicago-based Traffic Safety Coalition has released a new video urging motorists to stop at red lights. The video, “Victims of Red Light Running: More than Statistics,” features several people from around the country talking about loved ones ripped from … Continue reading

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Have you heard…?

Many of you probably subscribe to or have a preferred source for traffic information before you hit the road. Perhaps, it’s a traffic website or radio station. Maybe your navigation device can warn you of trouble up ahead. Here’s one … Continue reading

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