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New lane configuration on Brommer at 41st Brommer to stay

Dear Street Smarts, Q: What is the long term intent for turning and through movements eastbound on Brommer Street. at 41st Avenue? Prior to the opening of the hotel on that corner, there was one left turn and/or through lane and … Continue reading

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The logic behind Hwy 1 auxiliary lanes instead of through lanes

Dear Street Smarts, Q: While I believe that the lanes being added between Soquel Drive and Morrissey Boulevard are done in a manner that avoided certain regulations that apply to general highway widening, it escapes me how the northbound lane, … Continue reading

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Back to school commuting tips

It’s back to school season. That means more traffic and a longer commute to work. It also means more kids on the road in their parents cars, on foot, bikes, skateboards, etc. going to and from school. Street Smarts solicited … Continue reading

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Curious commuter seeks traffic collision info

Dear Street Smarts, Q: So often, when I slog past a traffic accident and try not to rubberneck, I wonder what has happened. My question is: Where and/or how can I find out? Sue Broadston, Santa Cruz A: The public … Continue reading

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Talking bus safety

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The pads that trigger the lights for the buses to leave the Pacific Station terminal onto Front Street are out of order. Every time I bring it up to the district they say it belongs to … Continue reading

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Left turns from right lane still problematic at EB Clares, 41st, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I go through the intersection of Clares Street and 41st Avenue about three times a week and every time I go through heading toward Wharf Road, someone in front or in back of me turns left … Continue reading

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Metering lights along Hwy 1, paving on Graham Hill needed, say readers

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Has a study ever been done on the advantages of having ‘on-ramp metering traffic lights’ installed on some of the ramps coming onto to Highway 1? These are so beneficial to many congested cities throughout California; … Continue reading

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Everyone is on the hook for following road rules, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Frequently we see letters complaining about the behavior of specific groups of people. On May 18, one such letter complained about ‘Bicyclists ignoring laws.’ People ignore laws. People driving vehicles ignore laws. People riding motorcycles ignore … Continue reading

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Proper driving etiquette when the road adds a travel lane

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I’m hoping you can clear up some confusion we have about the intersection at Clares Street and 40th Avenue in Capitola. While driving east, there are two lanes on Clares, but when you go through the … Continue reading

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BADGES campaign to address traffic concerns in Capitola

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Regarding your recent column about Bay Avenue at Hill Street and Capitola Avenue, I truly do understand the lack of funding problems in order to fix what are two dangerous intersections. There is also the Bay … Continue reading

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