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Reader adds to concern of drivers not stopping for the blind, other pedestrians

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Your info (Monday, Jan. 9, 2012) on the law regarding drivers yielding to sight impaired folks with the white cane was good but unfortunately stopped short of one other thing that could happen in such situations. … Continue reading

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Yield to the blind at all times

Dear Street Smarts, Q: According to the California Driver Handbook, “pedestrians using canes must be given the right of way at all times.” The other day, we were driving north on Front Street and saw a pedestrian with a white … Continue reading

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Hybrid’s lack of engine noise worries some road users

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I had this thought after I went for a drive in my daughter’s new hybrid Prius. It was so quiet that it could prove to be dangerous to pedestrians used to hearing cars approaching. Now, it … Continue reading

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