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Missing stop sign replaced; reader lobbies adult cyclists to wear helmets

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Not sure who to contact but perhaps you can help. I witnessed a pick-up truck driving up Winkle Avenue from Soquel Drive and run the stop sign at the intersection of Winkle and Howe Street. The … Continue reading

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Sun is shining, time for bicycle safety review

As the number of sunny days start to outnumber those that are rainy, more of us may ditch our cars and turn to our bicycles for transportation or recreation. If that’s the case for you and your family, consider following … Continue reading

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More venting about road peeves from readers

     Every once in awhile, people need someone to vent to – someone who’ll just listen. I asked readers to tell me their road-related peeves. Boy, did I get an earful. Below is a snippet of some reader rants received … Continue reading

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