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Western Drive needs some TLC, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Why has Western Drive between Mission and Meder streets never been repaved in the last 20 years? It gets so much UC Santa Cruz traffic and is in terrible disrepair. Is there a timeframe for fixing … Continue reading

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Blinking headlights on motorcycles

I have a question for readers: What’s with the blinking headlight on motorcycles? I’ve seen them and I think they are kind of cool. Definitely eye-catching. To motorcyclists who have the flashing headlight, does it make you feel safer? Do … Continue reading

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More venting about road peeves from readers

     Every once in awhile, people need someone to vent to – someone who’ll just listen. I asked readers to tell me their road-related peeves. Boy, did I get an earful. Below is a snippet of some reader rants received … Continue reading

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Cops host special traffic enforcement campaigns, dozens cited

     Local law enforcement efforts to crack down on traffic scofflaws are an attempt to make the road safer.      During two separate traffic enforcement campaigns since Saturday, officers pulled dozens of drivers and motorcycle riders over for committing various moving … Continue reading

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