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Using the East Cliff Drive bike path

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The portion of East Cliff Drive, from the new Pleasure Point Park eastward has a designated bike lane striped and marked one way east. Why wasn’t it stripped for two way bike riding as was Beach … Continue reading

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EV chargers getting damaged by users, replacement pending

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I am noticing the EV chargers in downtown Santa Cruz are slowly disappearing. One by one, they are breaking and not being repaired. I drive an EV and one of the major incentives was free charging … Continue reading

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Metering lights along Hwy 1, paving on Graham Hill needed, say readers

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Has a study ever been done on the advantages of having ‘on-ramp metering traffic lights’ installed on some of the ramps coming onto to Highway 1? These are so beneficial to many congested cities throughout California; … Continue reading

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Talking traffic to DeLaveaga school, commute solutions

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I was interested to read your Street Smarts column about how school traffic has been affected by the La Fonda overpass construction. Ms. Speiser may be accurate in her efforts to help ease traffic by encouraging … Continue reading

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Reader emails continue to converge on merging question

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I’m sure in your line of work you’re familiar with the book “Traffic” and with the author Tom Vanderbilt’s blog, Here’s a link to an excerpt from the book about the ‘late merge’ that your … Continue reading

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Merging conversation continues …

There’s a bit of a debate going on in the Street Smarts email regarding the answer to last Monday’s question about the proper way to merge when the traffic lane a motorist is using is closed up ahead for construction. … Continue reading

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Reader has alternative lane closure, merge suggestion

Dear Street Smarts, I strongly disagree with the advice regarding what to do when seeing a “Lane Closed Ahead” sign (Monday, Aug. 22 Street Smarts). Often those signs are placed a mile or so ahead of the closure and in … Continue reading

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