Well-meaning sign puts cyclists in danger, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: While driving last Wednesday down High Street from Bay near Peace United Church at 900 High Street, I nearly had a collision with a bike rider who had to swerve out into the street to avoid a sandwich board that someone had placed in the bike lane warning people to share the road and give the 3 feet to cyclists. What’s up with that? I want to give the bicyclists room but that was sort of ridiculous. Susie Land, Santa Cruz A: Your email has been sent to various transportation safety organizations in the county to help with their outreach efforts, including the Santa Cruz Police Department. "Thank you for the info," said Sgt. Scott Garner. "We have been focusing efforts in that area as well as near Mission Hill Middle School for bicycle and vehicle related violations to include the new 3 foot rule. I will pass it on to my traffic officers." Q: El Rancho Drive seems to have been left off the list of streets in need of repairs. A section of road washed out years ago, so long ago in fact that the guardrail is in disrepair. It is a one lane road still and El Rancho/La Madrona are in such horrible condition there are places that you literally have to drive in the middle of the road to avoid potholes and sinking spots. When will this be repaired? For people living in Rolling Woods or along those two roads, it's the only way to get from northbound Highway 17 to the area without using Graham Hill or driving into Scotts Valley and turning around. Allison Niday, Scotts Valley A: County public works officials report the El Rancho Drive storm damage repair project is in the design phase with construction planned for summer 2015. Report potholes and other maintenance needs on county maintained roads by calling the agency's dispatch center at 477-3999. 'Age Well, Drive Smart' Mature motorists who would like more driving knowledge are invited to attend the CHP's free Age Well, Drive Smart Program 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23 in the Aptos branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library, at 7695 Soquel Drive in Aptos. The course will cover traffic law, ways aging impacts driving abilities as well as knowing when to give up the keys and use one of the many transportation services offered countywide. For information and to register, call 831-662-0511.
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