You drink, you drive, someone dies

Don't drink and drive. It's not a slogan. It's a way of life. To disobey that rule puts you and everyone around you in danger while also creating a trail of sorrow and pain. Adolfo "Adolf" Galvan, the 70-year-old owner of Fargoe Glass Co. near Soquel Village died in a San Jose area trauma center Thursday night after he was struck by a suspected drunken driver in downtown Santa Cruz Aug. 24. The Army veteran's injuries are numerous and severe, including multiple broken bones down the right side of his body, bleeding on both sides of his brain, massive internal bleeding, lacerated kidney, broken eye socket, shattered nose, fractures to most facial bones and kidney failure. Galvan was the sole owner of his glass business for more than 40 years. Reviewers on Yelp gave him five stars for impeccable service, knowledge and prices. Galvan also is known for his community involvement, donating to charities and local sports teams. After the he was hospitalized, his family kept a bedside vigil in his hospital room and struggled to pay his bills, including his hospital bill. The automobile insurance carried by the person who allegedly struck him is vastly insufficient, his family said. Thus, the Galvan family is asking for the community's help. For information, visit at DUI statistics According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol-impaired driver related crashes kill nearly 30 people in the United States every day. That's one death every 48 minutes, the agency reported. What's more, Mothers Against Drunk Driving cited the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in reporting that drunk driving costs this country $199 billion a year; it costs each adult in the U.S. $800 annually. The average drunk driver is male and in their late 20s, the organization continued. However, in Galvan's case, the accused, Joanna Steele, is a 29 year old woman. She's to be arraigned Monday, Sept. 8. For more statistics on impaired driving, see the CDC website at and MADD at Laurel Street paving project Laurel Street in Santa Cruz is getting a little bit of a make over beginning Monday, Sept. 8, when crews will begin a project to rehabilitate and resurface on Laurel from Mission to Front streets, extending approximately 200 feet onto Laurel Street Bridge. Paving will begin the week of Oct. 6 and run through November. Expect some sidewalk closures and intermittent lane closures weekdays. For information, or call Hoi Yu, assistant engineer, at 831-420-5179. Street Smarts appears Mondays and Thursdays. Follow it on Twitter and Facebook. Submit questions to those aforementioned social media sites or to Please include your name, city of residence and a phone number where you can be reached.
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