Soquel Village road striping temporary

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I don't know what you have written about the road construction in Soquel Village, but I drove through today and realized that the right turn lane from southbound Porter Avenue to westbound Soquel Drive has been removed. Why is this? In other projects, engineers struggle to create room for turn lanes and the like and here, one is being removed. I don't see how this is going to be beneficial to traffic flow at all if drivers that wish to make the right turn now have to wait for the through traffic at the light. What's going to happen when Soquel High School is back in session? I drove through at 3:40 this afternoon and the traffic was backed up from the intersection to the conference grounds, about a mile and a half of gridlock and this was well before the commute. I hope I'm wrong, but don't see this easing traffic at this intersection. Thanks for your time and input. Jim Holderman via email A: The striping you see there now is temporary and the lane configuration will be re-striped the same as it was prior to construction as the project wraps up. Public Works is working with the contractor to monitor traffic flow during the project. For information, call 831-477-3953. Stay abreast of the county's many road projects at Q: Do cyclists have to pull over when five or more cars are behind them? Why don't cyclists have to carry insurance? Tom Cooper, via Twitter A: Cyclists are to follow the same rules of the road as motor vehicles and that includes pulling over when traffic backs up behind them when it's safe to do so. As far as insurance goes, there is no law requiring cyclists to carry collision insurance. Since 2006, motorists have been required by the state to purchase insurance. Read more about it at If you think there should be a law requiring cyclists to have collision insurance, write to your representative. Find him or her at or create a petition at or Meanwhile, an internet search turned up this piece of insurance advice, Learn more about the types of collisions your policy covers by talking to your automobile insurance company.
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