CHP steps up enforcement at highway construction sites

Starting this week, the California Highway Patrol is stepping up enforcement at work zones on highways statewide. The safety campaign also includes having electronic highway message signs located within five miles of a construction project to warn drivers that "WORKERS AHEAD, CHP ON PATROL, MAX ENFORCEMENT." The effort is to reinforce the state's law that requires motorists to move over and slow down as they pass road construction sites. As of right now, there are more than 700 active projects underway worth more than $11 billion. “This is about protecting the safety of California’s motorists and the men and women working along the state’s highways,” said Malcolm Dougherty, director of Caltrans. “Using our highway message signs and increasing CHP’s presence around these areas, we are reminding California drivers to do their part in reducing collisions and hazardous conditions in these work zones.” Outside of messages regarding a critical emergency, traffic safety or Amber Alerts, the enforcement message will be displayed July 28-Aug. 1 and Sept. 23-25.
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