Maps, not signs point the way to public restrooms

Dear Street Smarts, Q: This isn’t so much a traffic issue as it is a pedestrian issue but is it possible for the city to look into better signage at the beach end of Pacific Avenue/Front Street area regarding restroom locations? As the tourists increase on foot in our area, not a week goes by that we don’t find people coming down our driveway to relieve themselves by our dumpster. We live on Pacific at Front and are noticing an increase in this. It is not the homeless that are doing it, it is all tourists. The one I yelled at on Saturday, stated it was okay to use my yard, as he couldn’t find a restroom. Depot Park is five properties away and there's a port-a-potty at Laurel and Front, yet there are no signs telling people where the restrooms are. Jessica Victorino, Santa Cruz A: Expect no signs to be erected pointing the way to nearby restrooms, for fear of creating signage fatigue, "resulting from too many signs bombarding the public," said Scott Collins, assistant to the city manager for the city of Santa Cruz. Rather, the locations of public toilets will be revealed in the city's parking maps and the Downtown Map managed by the Downtown Association. Q: What do you know about the slide repair on Branciforte Drive? I saw that the slide on Laurel Glen had been repaired a lot sooner. There is also the slide on Glen Canyon. All these roads serve the greater Happy Valley area, yet only one has gotten any repair attention. Thank you for your time. Jim Holderman via email A: Both sites are scheduled to be under construction this fall, according to county public works officials. Stay abreast of county road closures and progress reports at
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