2014 Bicycle Observation Survey begins

Now through June 15, volunteers with the Community Traffic Safety Coalition will fan out at 50 schools and major intersections countywide to watch the riding habits of bicyclists as part of the 2014 Bicycle Observation Survey. Armed with a clipboard and ink pens, these folks will keep a tally of riders who are riding safely and unsafely. Things the surveyors will make note of include the riders approximate age, gender, as well as whether a helmet was worn, the rider rode with traffic, stopped at a stop sign or light, and rode on the sidewalk. Some of the intersections to be observed include Highway 9 at Graham Hill Road in San Lorenzo Valley; High and Bay streets as well as River at Encinal streets in Santa Cruz; Seabright and Murray in East Santa Cruz; 17th Avenue and Brommer Street in Live Oak; Cliff Drive at Wharf Road in Capitola; and Freedom Boulevard at Green Valley Road in Watsonville. Among the school sites are Gault Elementary in Santa Cruz, Live Oak Elementary in Live Oak; Mintie White Elementary in Watsonville and New Brighton Middle School in Capitola. The results of the survey will be published later this year. View the results of previous surveys at http://www.sctrafficsafety.org/safe_info.html and scroll down toward the bottom of the page.
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