One more letter about ‘No U-Turn’ sign at River, Hwy 1

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Regarding the signage of 'No U Turn' at River Street and Highway 1 southbound, there is already a post with traffic signs on the island on the north side of River Street with signs facing the southbound side. Before the CalTrans worker comes to do a study of the traffic light post, have him bring with him a 'No U Turn' sign and attach it to the existing post on the island. There are similar posts with signs at Highway 1 and Mission Street. It would save some money but hey, why not do a study--takes more time and spends taxpayer money, right! Joseph Mikulsky via email A:  The Salinas-based electrical worker has already been to the scene. Upon inspecting the rating listed on the signal pole, it has been revealed that the pole cannot hold anything more than the signal head, said Susana Cruz of Caltrans. That means a "No U-Turn" sign cannot be mounted there, she explained. Caltrans also reports that this intersection is not the scene of many traffic collisions due to U-turn violations. That, plus the fact that not many complaints have been received by Caltrans, the CHP or Santa Cruz Police, means that no changes to the current sign placement are planned, Cruz said.  
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