Summer resurfacing project planned for Mt. Hermon

Dear Street Smarts, Q: There was a big deal about work to be done on Mount Hermon Road. The county came out and did some patching and that was it, so far. Some of the patches are already losing the material they put in. Is this all that is going to be done or can we hope that this was just the prep work? I know if anyone can find out what is happening, you can. Thanks, Anita Lande via email A: This summer, county public works plans to resurface Mount Hermon between Graham Hill Road to just north of Locatelli Lane, officials said. In 2010, the county resurfaced from the Scotts Valley City Limits, from just north of Lockhart Gulch to about 1,000 feet north of Locatelli Lane. This summer's project will take the resurfacing the rest of the way into Felton, county officials said. Expect the project to occur sometime between July 14 and Sept. 23. Meanwhile, work happening now in the area involves road maintenance and drainage repairs in preparation for the bigger project. Q: Why is it legal -- or is it -- for the city to charge more than one individual for the same parking space at the same time? Especially, with the electronic devices now in use, refunds would only have to be programed in as they are for the street meters. Besides there still being long lines while people try to figure out the frustrating and bizarre user interface for the parking lots, it definitely diminishes my downtown experience even before I leave my parking lot. Chris Blanchard via email A: "With the pay-by-space lots the person parking will input how many hours that they are going to park," said Marlin Granlund, parking program manager for the city of Santa Cruz. Drivers usually leave before their time is up, freeing up that parking space for the next person to park and pay, he explained. "Someone may pay for that space before the remaining time on that space has elapsed," he continued. "Each transaction is a new parking session and only the person that originally paid for the space can add more time to park in that space." The next time you park, look at the receipt for an add time number. Drivers can go to any parking machine and add time to their session without going back to the same parking lot or their car, Granlund continued. As for the electronic parking meters, Santa Cruz ParkCard users can get the remaining amount on the meter refunded back to their card when they vacate the parking space. "We have asked for this same program for the pay-by-space machines and the manufacturer is looking into adding this feature to the machines," said Granlund. Street Smarts questioned whether some parking lot users accidentally enter the wrong space number into the parking machine. The answer was, "Yes." "Some individuals have input the wrong space number when they use the pay-by-space machines," Granlund explained. "What we have seen is that parkers will take a cell phone picture of their space number and use that when they pay at the machines. If someone receives a citation, they will follow the same procedure for all citation reviews. The information is printed on the backside of each citation." Drivers who receive tickets for nonpayment in pay lots have 21 days from the date of the citation to either mail a letter or visit the parking office at 124 Locust St. to request an administrative review of the citation, he said. "If we find through our records that the individual paid for a different space, we will give them a one-time dismissal in the interest of justice," he said.
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