Caltrans doing its part to conserve water in drought conditions

Sure we've been getting rain this week and a couple storms may be on the way next week but it may not be enough to ease drought concerns due to lack of rain this winter. In fact, this year is shaping up to be the driest year on record and the state's governor in January declared a drought State of Emergency, calling upon every agency to do its part to cut water use. In light of the light precipitation, Caltrans, which is responsible for 30,000 acres of irrigated landscape statewide, is joining other state agencies in answering the call to conserve water in the following ways:
  • Slashing irrigation activities by at least 50 percent;
  • Curbing new landscaping projects in severely impacted areas until the next rainy season and postpone all non-essential highway planting;
  • Not watering in areas of the Golden State that are suffering from the most severe drought impacts;
  • Using more smart irrigation technologies that automatically turn off when it rains, reducing water use by up to 60 percent;
  • Turning to recycled water for irrigation, etc. whenever possible;
  • Only washing vehicles for safety.
Meanwhile, the agency also is encouraging the state's 24 million drivers to conserve water. In support of the campaign, Caltrans will use its electronic message signs statewide to post, "HELP SAVE WATER."  
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