Who gets to stop, go, reader asks

Dear Street Smarts, Q: At the corner of Bay and Meder Streets on the Westside, people seem confused about who has the right of way when turning left -- cars turning left from Bay onto Meder, or cars turning left from Meder onto Bay? I had always thought that turns from a left-turn lane would have right of way over a car stopped at the stop sign but waiting to turn left, but many times cars turning left onto Bay would have hit me if I’d tried to exert my right of way. Is there some special exception for this situation? Valerie Simmons, Santa Cruz A: There are no special exemptions there or at any similar intersections, said Chris Schneiter, assistant director of public works. Drivers stopped at stop signs must yield to uncontrolled traffic, he said. As far as taking the right of way, you are correct to concede to the more aggressive driver to avoid a collision, possible injuries and much heart ache from the annoyance of being involved in a crash.  
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