Bay at Mission traffic is not so bad, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: On Dec. 11, 2013, you published a letter from a reader complaining about the backup of southeast bound traffic on Bay Street at Mission or turning right onto Mission toward Half Moon Bay. I was surprised by his complaint as I also live in that neighborhood and have never noticed an appreciable number of cars backed up there. I usually approach from the other direction. I usually use alternate routes rather that traveling on Mission. The traffic is unpredictable even at times other than usual commute hours. Sometimes, it moves easily and other times due to a sudden glut of trucks traveling south through Santa Cruz on Highway 1. For the past month, I have made it a point to use that intersection most of the time. Usually, the traffic on Bay Street going southeast clears the intersection with time for a couple more cars to make the light. Twice when there were pedestrians from the elementary school, the last cars coming southeast did not make it through but they had not been at the intersection yet. It is rare, when I do use the intersection going southeast, that I don't make it through the light going straight ahead the first cycle. When school is letting out, there are crossing guards at the intersection. Maybe additional crossing guards to keep people from crossing too late in the cycle would help. It is a long cycle and can be discouraging when I have to wait another round, which is one reason why I usually choose to use other routes: Delaware, Woodrow, Columbia, California and going by the wharf to get into town. Beverly Boyd, Santa Cruz A: Thank you for the reminder that there is more than one way to get across town. And remember, if you are cutting through neighborhoods to avoid high traffic areas, obey speed limits and traffic signs. Also, be extra careful. Keep a keen eye out for kids, pedestrians, cyclists and animals that may cross your path. Q: Regarding (Monday's) suggested alternatives to a left turn from eastbound Soquel onto Park Way, you might point out that a U-turn at Capitola Road and Palo Alto Medical Foundation would be illegal; there is a no U-turn sign there. Robert Mapes, Scotts Valley A: Yes, scratch that suggestion. Use La Fonda instead to make U-turns. Street Smarts on 'Universal Grapevine' Bruce Bratton has invited me to appear on his radio show, Universal Grapevine, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21 on KZSC 88.1 FM. The show is broadcast live online. I accepted. We will be chatting about traffic and everything Street Smarts. What topics would you like us to address?
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