CHP uses grant to provide seat belt, child safety seat education

The CHP will be putting a traffic safety grant to use to save lives through child safety seat and seat belt education and outreach. While California boasts a 97.4 percent compliance rate with its seat belt law, people are still dying from injuries received in traffic collisions due to lack of proper restraint. "Every day, someone is killed in a collision simply because they were not properly secured in their vehicle," said Joe Farrow, CHP Commissioner.  "Seat belts save lives, and our goal through this campaign is to ensure that every person traveling on California's roadways is buckled up and protected in their vehicle. In 2011, 434 people died from lack of seat belt use. Another 8,000 were injured in collisions in which they weren't properly restrained. Among the ways the CHP will use the "Vehicle Occupant Restraint Education and Instruction III" grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety includes inspecting 12,250 child safety seats, conducting 50 child passenger safety education classes, and purchasing and distributing, 2,500 grant-funded child safety seats to families in need. The campaign will last through the end of September 2014.    
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