Aptos Crossing agreement reached

Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway Company and the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission reported Thursday that an agreement has been reached with Barry Swenson Builder and Aptos Ventures, LLC, to provide changes that accommodate the planned Aptos Village Project. The agreement calls for a new rail crossing and track improvements. “This agreement to add a new crossing, Parade Street, will form the gateway to the Aptos Village core and the project represents a huge step for the community," said Zach Friend, RTC Commissioner. "The Aptos Village Project is important to our area and we are glad that an agreement could be reached that provides an entry to the Aptos Village that maximizes safety to meet the concerns of the railway.” The parties will now work together to obtain approval for the new street crossing and railroad improvements project from the California Public Utilities Commission. Gaining that approval will help clear the way for the implementation of the approved Aptos Village Plan, approved by Santa Cruz County in 2010.  
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