Ecology Action launches monthly Bike/Walk to School Day

Seven school across the county will begin a monthly Bike/Walk to School Day program thanks to Ecology Action, which runs the twice annual Bike to Work/School Day activities. While the program is being launched Thursday, Nov. 14, the event is set to run from October through May at Westlake Elementary, Del Mar Elementary, Ann Soldo Elementary, H.A. Hyde Elementary, Mission Hill Middle, New Brighton Middle and Shoreline Middle schools. Safety presentations and skill building workshops will accompany the monthly events, as well. In exchange for students ditching the family car and using other means to get to school, they will be entered to win a raffle. Prizes, including bike helmets, locks, lights, and boardwalk tickets, were donated by local bike shops and larger sponsors, such as Santa Cruz Whole Foods Market. The once monthly Bike/Walk to School Day is Ecology Actions response to parents and schools who have been requesting more regular events. In the organization's bi-annual effort, 45 school sites and 4,500 students participate. The new monthly program aims to reach 1,300 students. Learn more about this effort at
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