County has program for neighborhoods seeking speed bumps

Dear Street Smarts, Q: We need a speed bump on Rodriguez Street to get some of the cut through's stopped. One out of 100 cars that come down our section of Rodriguez actually lives there. Many use my driveway to turn around creating a dangerous situation for my family and neighbors as they whip in for whatever reason to turn around. I have spoken with others on that portion of the road and all are in agreement. The bump should go in front of the cemetery entrances where it won't impact anyone but would do some traffic calming and deter folks from using our neighborhood street for a speed-thru. I spoke with Eve Robertson who heads up Save Our Street on the issue. She said you were a go to person for things of this nature. P.S. Just so you know the section I am referring to its Rodriguez between Capitola Extension and 7th Street. Years ago, we had asked and were told we would have to pay for it ourselves, what are all those high taxes were paying going to? We need this Ramona, there are many children, including mine, that would be safer for it. I think one speed bump -- a big one would be good -- and appropriate signs would suffice. Once all the cut throughs realize this is no longer a short cut to 7th, our nice little street will return to just that. Hope you can help, Rod Miller, Live Oak A: County public works has a road bump program, said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer. A member of the staff will discuss the program, costs and alternatives with you. For information about the program, call the department's traffic engineering office at 454-2160.
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