What’s the deal with Beach Hill staircase?, reader asks

Dear Street Smarts, Q: What's the status of reopening the Beach Hill staircase connecting Third Street with Front Street? With the construction of the arena, I thought it was one of the projects slated to be completed. Marty York, Santa Cruz A: "It's at least a half million dollar project that is currently unfunded," said Chris Schneiter, assistant director of public works. "Even with the money it will be difficult to make it meet current standards. The hillside is fractured sandstone, and it would require removing some of the rock and anchoring it in. Access is very limited to do the work." Currently,  a sidewalk going down third street a block from this location takes  pedestrians to almost the same location on Pacific Avenue, he added. "There are many unfunded projects in the city," Schneiter continued. "An extensive list of funded and unfunded needs can be found in the City’s Capital Improvement Program on the city web page under Finance Department and Budget. The unfunded list is the very end of the document and this future project is on it. Projects from this list do make it onto the funded list."
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