Local logging company responds to ‘Jake Brakes’ letter to Street Smarts

After seeing Thursday column regarding "Jake Braking" on the Fishhook, the Big Creek Lumber Co. of Davenport wrote in to Street Smarts seeking to set the record straight. Here's what was said: "The local log truck drivers who haul in our area are typically very courteous, respectful and careful, being very used to hauling through many of our local rural neighborhoods," said Janet McCrary Webb of Big Creek Lumber. "In fact, just this year we received an email from some folks in Corralitos complimenting the log truck drivers hauling to our mill for their careful driving and their thoughtfulness for not using their engine brakes as they approached town. These drivers are typically very experienced at driving in conditions that most drivers never encounter and are among the safest on the road. Because the contents of their loads are easily recognizable, and because there are a few people who find the idea of harvesting trees for lumber quite offensive, our local drivers are very sensitive to public perception. They will frequently avoid using engine brakes, where they can do so safely, especially if they think the sound might be bothersome to residents." McCrary Webb encouraged people who witness their logging trucks "driving in an unsafe or discourteous fashion" to notify the company and provide a description of the truck along with the time and the location. "This way we are given the opportunity to address the problem effectively and fairly with the appropriate truck driver," she said. "  While these drivers are typically independent contractors, and not all log trucks hauling logs in the county are destined to Big Creek, some logs are being shipped out of the area to another sawmill, we will still address an issue promptly because we recognize that any perceived transgression is likely to reflect poorly on us." Contact Big Creek at (831) 457-5015. Learn more about the company at www.big-creek.com
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