New lane configuration on Brommer at 41st Brommer to stay

Dear Street Smarts, Q: What is the long term intent for turningĀ and through movements eastbound on Brommer Street. at 41st Avenue? Prior to the opening of the hotel on that corner, there was one left turn and/or through lane and one right turn lane. Now, there is only one lane for everything and there have been temporary posts in the intersection for months. This configuration is a great inconvenience to drivers trying to either go straight onto Jade Street or turn either way onto 41st. There is room for two eastbound lanes, can we please have them back? Thank you for any help you can provide. Linda Wilshusen via email A: "The changes on Brommer at 41st were made to ensure that commercial vehicles can make the right hand turn from 41st southbound onto westbound Brommer, said Steve Jesberg, public works director for the city of Capitola. "It was necessary to remove an eastbound lane to accommodate this movement. In the old lane configuration, commercial vehicles were force onto the sidewalk and were hitting a power pole at the northwest corner of the intersection. At this time, there are no immediate plans to return to the old configuration."
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