Readers say ‘thank you’ to Street Smarts

Thank you to those of you who wrote in to respond to last Thursday's column encouraging all road users to obey trafic laws, including new ones aimed at protecting people who work or ride a bicycle along the roadside. Here are some of your emails:
  • "I once again enjoyed your column, this one on applying the laws equally," wrote Steve Miller of Scotts Valley. "A large amount of drivers are upset with cyclists for a lot of reasons, and experts like you attempt to address the reasons. Yet, this never seems to sink in. I have been trying to emphasize the following argument: if that person that's riding the bike were in a car instead, there would be more traffic and the driver would be more inconvenienced. Every time drivers see cyclists, they should thank them for lowering road congestion and being easier to pass than other cars. For example, if you have to slow to 15 mph for 20 seconds to follow the 3-foot law before safely passing a cyclist and then resuming the speed limit, isn't this much less frustrating than following a line of cars at 10 mph below the speed limit with no chance of getting beyond the congestion? I really think the benefits of other people cycling needs to be emphasized to drivers."
  • "Thank you for writing this column," wrote Marie Weber. "It really emphasizes the need for all road users to obey the traffic laws. I ride and bike in Santa Cruz County. I used to bike commute multiple days a week. Unfortunately, my commute is now too long or I would still do it. Any way, I think it is really important that both bikes and drivers are aware of the dangers of their actions. And that both parties can be at fault. I recently did a project where I collected the collision data for San Francisco from the CHP website and selected all of the bike related incidents. It was very interesting. Both drivers and cyclists were pretty much at fault equally as many times. Also, most people report to just driving or riding straight ahead before the incidents occurred. If I get a chance I will pull data for Santa Cruz County next. See if I find any other interesting tidbits."
  • "Thank you for your coverage of the 'Give Me 3' law in your Street Smarts column," wrote Katie LeBaron of the county Health Services Agency. "I really appreciate your continued advocacy for mutual respect and responsibility between motorists and cyclists."
Read some frequently asked questions about the new Give Me 3 three foot requirement from the California Bicycle Coalition at Study all traffic laws by logging onto the DMV's website at
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