Used car lot a danger to cyclists, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The used car lot at the corner of North Branciforte Avenue and Water Street has no off-street parking, which frequently makes it unsafe for bicyclists, forcing them to ride into traffic at a very busy corner. The owner's car is usually parked in a red zone in the bike lane on B-40 and his customers park in the bike lane even closer to the corner. He also occasionally parks some of his inventory of cars on the street. Who can be contacted about this frequent, illegal parking? And, wouldn't you think his use permit -- or business license -- would require him to have a certain amount of off street parking? Thank you, Jonathan Andrew,  Santa Cruz A: This sounds like it could be a job for code enforcement. I am going to give you two places to report this issue just in case more than one jurisdiction would have an interest in resolving this issue:
  1. The RTC's Bike/Pedestrian Hazard report at
  2. Santa Cruz City Code Compliance at
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