Fruity sidewalk a slippery nuisance for pedestrians, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The sideway on the north side of Brommer Street, just west of Eldorado Avenue is a mess of crushed cherries from a back yard uncared for fruit tree. It is a really dangerous place to walk, as it poses a slipping hazard. Walking around this area means venturing out into the street passed the bike lane and we all know nobody does the speed limit on the 'Brommer Freeway.' Can anything be done about this situation, i.e. cleaning the sidewalk, and possibly trimming this tree back to the property line? I think this a rental property and neither the owner or renter care whatsoever. Russ Jordan, a Live Oak avid hiker and biker who's still waiting for the Arana Gulch bike path to Broadway for at least 15 years of more. A: Hazards to cyclists and pedestrians can be reported here: In regard to your Arana Gulch question, Chris Schneiter, assistant director of the city's public works department said a construction bid is in the process of being awarded for the Arana Gulch Multi-Use Trail. "That would mean an mid-October to beginning of November construction start date," he said. "We will be scheduling a ground breaking event as soon as the contracts are signed." Q: Can you tell me if there are any upgrades planned for the intersection of Ocean, Ocean Extension, Highway 17 and Plymouth Street? This is a major intersection yet it lacks a left hand turn signal for cars on Plymouth turning left onto Ocean or from Ocean Extension turning left onto Highway 17. In order to turn left, you have to enter all the way into the intersection and wait until the coast is clear, hoping that will happen before the light turns red. During busy times of the day, it can take four or five signal cycles for just four or five cars to turn left. Further more, left turning cars from both Ocean Extension and Plymouth are directly in each other's path. I have seen a lot of near misses in this intersection. Since there is already a left hand turn lane coming from Plymouth onto Ocean, it seems at the very least there should be a designated turn signal. Thanks, Laurie Schlaepfer, Santa Cruz A: No left tuen lanes are planned but you poined out the need for them, said Schneiter, noting that makign the project come to light would mean a partnership between the city and Caltrans would need to be forged. "The real estate to do the widening necessary to add the left-turn and bike lanes is not currently available, though it is not out of the question that it could be pursued," he explained. "The current City Capital Improvement Program budget includes funds to develop designs to beautify Ocean Street. It may be possible and advisable to explore the left-turns in greater detail during that design process. I’m anticipating that the design process would start in 2014."  
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