Neighborhood seeks help putting rude parents in line during afterschool pick-ups

Street Smarts received an email from a reader seeking help in dealing with parents behaving badly in neighborhood near a school while picking up their children in the afternoons. No doubt, this scenario plays out in many neighbors of schools across the county and country. While Street Smarts has reached out to traffic safety experts for suggestions, please read this neighbor’s plea for yourself and tell me what you think. If your neighborhood has won the battle with rude parents, tell me how so I can share with this and other readers who are going through similar situations. C.W. wrote: “Hi, I enjoy your column. I saw a reference to a previous column which I missed, and it is a subject I am very interested in–parents driving their kids to school. I have people parked around my corner lot with their engines running. I’m in a gas bubble! I even had one woman parked in my driveway — “it’ll just be a few minutes,” was her unbelieveable response to my asking her to move. I have people driving over the sidewalk, blaring music on radios, and much much more. The local school isn’t terribly responsive, nor the police. I’ve even seen parents camped out on the grass at my neighbor’s place while waiting for kids. If the parents don’t have manners, how can the kids be expected to? Who do you think would be the best people to contact regarding this? I’m trying to think of a more creative approach. Any ideas?” Besides going to the police and school administrators, I suggested the neighbors hit the school's PTA meetings, open houses and back to school nights to ask parents to respect their neighborhood. What other ways do you think neighbors of schools can get relief from this afterschool headache? Share your story, suggestion, comment with Street Smarts and it may be published in a future column and/or blog. Make sure to include your name and city of residence. Thank you!
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