Addressing red curbs and slipouts

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I should have kept record of the number to call at Santa Cruz County to have a curb repainted. The red curb at Baseline Drive and Willowbrook Lane needs to be repainted before Cabrillo College goes back into session. Could you give me the phone number (or email address) in the Public Works Department that is the proper location to send a request for repainting? Thank you very much. Diane Evans, Aptos A: Certainly. To request the re-painting of a red curb, call Public Works Road Dispatch at 477-3999. To request a new red curb, call Public Works Traffic Engineering at 454-2160. Q: Just so you know, I called this Public Works this morning (Monday, Aug. 26) at 9:30 to place a request for repainting of the curb. When I returned home at 3 o'oclock this afternoon, it was done! I am thoroughly impressed with Public Works' responsiveness. A: Great! I've shared your thoughts with public works -- and now other Street Smarts readers who also may have misplaced that information. Q: My family lives just outside the Santa Cruzcity limits on Beel Drive, the entrance to which is between the washout on Branciforte and the washout on Glen Canyon. These washouts have remained unrepaired for over two and a half years and have left us feeling very vulnerable. Your column recently gave information on the Branciforte washout --thank you -- and we are wondering if you could let us know if there is any information on when the washout on Glen Canyon is to be repaired, please? Thanks very much! Sandy Yule, Santa Cruz A: "The Glen Canyon Road PM 0.46 storm damage repair project is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2014," said Russell Chen of county public works. "The project site is in close proximity to the Glen Canyon Creek. Therefore, the project is requiring additional time for the environmental review. Once the environmental review is complete, any comments will be incorporated into the project and the design can be finalized."
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