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Dear Street Smarts, Q: I was wondering about the future of the one-way light on Branciforte Drive just past Goss Road. It was shut down Aug. 1 for repair of overhead wires in advance of some roadwork. We live on Grunewald Court and it's really loud, especially when a line of five to six cars that have been waiting southbound at the light are finally allowed to pass. We think life would be better in our yard when the road is fixed – after being shut down for years due to a slide. Do you have any information about the future of this road repair? Thanks, Randie Paige Silverstein, via email A: “The design and permitting for the storm damage repair at this location is complete,” said Steve Wiesner, assistant director of county public works. “The county is waiting for final construction funding approval from Caltrans before moving forward with advertising, opening bids and awarding the project.” Approval is expected to come in a few weeks, he said. Construction will begin in October and wrap up by the year's end, he noted. Q: The stoplights at Branciforte Avenue and Broadway seemed to be 'timed' or sensitive to when a car approached the stoplight on Branciforte. Lately, I have noticed that it does not seem to be working like that any longer. Today, three cars waited behind me on Branciforte, waiting for the signal light to change. Could you check into this? Was it changed for a reason? Thank you, Loni Yien via email A: There is a water main replacement project in the area that required the traffic detection loops to be cut, said Chris Schneiter, assistant public works director. Thus, the signal is on fixed timing until the loops are reinstalled after the project wraps up around the third week of September, said Ryan Ernst, assistant engineer for the city's water department. The loops will be reinstalled after paving ends the second week of September, he added. Until the work is complete, “motorists will see 30 seconds of green time on Broadway and seven seconds on Branciforte,” said Schneiter. “This means that Branciforte traffic will have to wait a little longer than usual.” The public's patience is appreciated while the work is being done, said Ernst. Stay abreast of this and other water projects at http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/waterprojects. Bay Bridge Closed Labor Day weekend The Bay Bridge will be closed for construction 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 through 5 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3. Learn more at http://baybridgeinfo.org/. The CHP is hiring Want to be a California Highway Patrol officer? The state law enforcement agency is trying to hire enough officers to replace the 25 officers lost each month due to attrition. To apply, visit www.chpcareers.com.
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