Curious commuter seeks traffic collision info

Dear Street Smarts, Q: So often, when I slog past a traffic accident and try not to rubberneck, I wonder what has happened. My question is: Where and/or how can I find out? Sue Broadston, Santa Cruz A: The public can obtain traffic collision information by making a request in person, in writing or over the phone at the CHP office at 10395 Soquel Drive in Aptos, said officer Bradley Sadek, spokesman. The information given includes: time, date and location of the collision, as well as the type of vehicles and the names of the people involved, he said. “Oftentimes, the investigative portion of a traffic collision continues long after the corresponding traffic has cleared,” he said. “In cases where the criminal investigation is ongoing, some of this information may not be releasable.” In addition, the CHP's website offers real-time crash information statewide. Access it by visiting, select Monterey in the “Communication Center” drop down menu. The information is updated every 60 seconds, said Sadek. Q: Can you tell me why Park Avenue between Highway 1 and the village has been closed so often over the last year? I do not ever see any work that has been done or even in the process of being done. The detour sign is out so frequently that I normally do not even try to drive that way because it is an inconvenience. George Evleshin via email A: That was a sewer project, George. The last of the work was complete a couple weeks ago, said Rachel Lather of the county sanitation district. The Covello Group, the contractor working on the project, dug 20 foot deep trenches and 30 foot deep excavation shafts to install sewer lines. Cranes were brought in to hoist 50 foot long steal beams, among other things, as part of the project. Park Avenue was shut down to through traffic because it was feared a one-lane traffic control scenario would pose a danger to passersby traveling through the construction area while increasing traffic delays and slowing down the project’s progress, said Danielle Green, of the Covello Group. Hwy 9 improvements coming above Boulder creek Work begins Monday, Aug. 12 to improve the roadway along Highway 9 north of Boulder Creek. Robert J. Frank Construction, of Redding, will be paid $250,000 to improve the existing pavement, widen the southbound traveled way and shoulder, place erosion control materials and replace the metal beam guardrail along the highway about 7 miles north of Boulder Creek and just north of Saratoga Toll. Expect one-way traffic control 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fridays. Travel delays of up to 20 minutes can be expected. Electronic message signs will be used to advise the public about this project, which will wrap up at the end of December. Motorists are reminded to slow down and move over in construction project areas. Learn more about this and other Caltrans projects at 423-0396 or
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