Illegal parking in front of The Farm is dangerous to cyclists, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I have a question about cars parking in the bike lane on Soquel Avenue, specifically, in front of The Farm at 6790 Soquel Drive. The bakery's parking lot has a one-way entrance on its north side and a one-way exit on its south. If you look at the curb, it was obviously painted red at one time near both the entrance and exit and may have even been painted the length between drive ways, but it's so faded it's hard to tell. Also, just a step south of the exit, there's a "No Parking" sign. My question is, is it legal for people to park their cars between the entrance and exit? Drivers do it all the time. Unfortunately, along this stretch of road, the bike lane is the width of a car, so bicyclists have to enter the traffic lane to go around the cars and, worse yet, are then hidden from drivers exiting the bakery! To make a point, I was bicycling by The Farm one day and had to pass three parked cars. As I came around the third car, a driver exiting the parking lot started to move into the traffic lane, causing a very close call. Please, let me know if cyclists just have to live with this situation or if parking there is really illegal? Thank you, Alexis Glugoski via email A: “There are 'NO PARKING ANY TIME – BIKE LANE' signs just before and just after The Farm property,” said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for county public works. Request the curb be re-painted by calling Public Works Road Dispatch at 477-3999., he suggested Request a new red curb by calling Public Works Traffic Engineering at 454-2160. Meanwhile, Street Smarts notified law enforcement of the problem. Q: Regarding the Caltrans traffic cams: What kind of delay is involved from when you pass the camera to when it appears on the traffic camera? Don Fukui, via email A: It depends on the location, said Susana Cruz, Caltrans spokesperson. “Most sites vary from a 12- to 15 second delay, the best can be a little as 7- to 8 seconds, while the worst can be up to 20 seconds,” she explained. The delay is caused by either the network speed of the DSL or cellular connection at the camera site or the video encoding process time at the camera site. Other factors that add to the delay include:
  • The network speed in the district office where the video streaming server is located;
  • The network speed in headquarters where the video web server is located;
  • The DSL or wireless network speed of the viewers PC;
  • The CPU performance of the viewers PC.
  A significantly less delay occurs in larger districts with fiber optic cable attached to their cameras, something our district does not have due to high cost. Larger districts like San Francisco, with full-time traffic management centers have had fiber optic network funding sine the 1990s, she added.
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