Aug. 4-10 is National Stop on Red Week

In a hurry? Don't run that red light or stop sign. It could be the death of you and/or someone else on the road. Aug. 4-10 is National Stop on Red Week and the California Office of Traffic Safety is undertaking a campaign to remind all drivers to slow down and stop for red lights and stop signs during this special recognition week -- as well as every day they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. “Crashes that occur when a driver runs a red light are avoidable,” said Christopher J. Murphy, Director of the Office of Traffic Safety. “By observing proper speed limits, staying alert, and always abiding by traffic signs and signals, we can create safer roadways for everyone.” In 2011, 193 drivers who failed to follow traffic signals in this state were involved in fatal traffic collisions, the agency reported while citing statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And according to the Federal Highway Administration, innocent parties who had the right of way make up 50 percent of all fatalities that resulted from someone violating traffic signals and signs. The administration also found that more drivers run red lights because they are in a rush than for any other reason. Learn more about Stop on Red Week and traffic safety in general by visiting, or  
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