What happens if the DMV catches people cheating on their written driver test?

Have you ever wanted to know what happens to people caught cheating on their written driver test at the DMV? "Ask the DMV" answered that question this week. "The use of testing aids is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: The California Driver Handbook, cheat sheets, electronic communication devices such as a cell phone, hand-held computer, etc. "If any testing aid is used during the written test, the written test will be marked as a 'failure.' Accused cheaters will have their tests taken away by the filed office. What's more, the agency may decide to take further action against the cheater and anyone who aids him or her, including:
  • Refusing to issue a driver license or ID card.
  • Revoking the driving privilege of any driver involved in fraudulent activity.
  • Tossing out application for a higher class license when applicants are found to have been cheating. The driver can retest under observation.
Revoked driver licenses will remain so for one year, when the driver will be allowed to retest. Learn more about traffic laws at www.dmv.ca.gov.
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