Left turns from right lane still problematic at EB Clares, 41st, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I go through the intersection of Clares Street and 41st Avenue about three times a week and every time I go through heading toward Wharf Road, someone in front or in back of me turns left from the far right lane! M.K. St. Claire, via email A: Capitola Police is all over it, said Sgt. Matt Eller. Q: 'No Left Turn' needs to be repainted on the pavement. It's unreadable. Plus, I believe the overhead indicating straight or left should also say 'ONLY.' M.K. St. Claire A: Public works has been notified. Stay tuned. Q: I drive from West Cliff Drive to River Street every morning to work. The light is almost always red when I get to it and traffic in both directions is at a standstill for a very long time with very little cross traffic. I know that later in the day and especially on weekends the traffic pattern is much different and it makes sense but in the morning, on the way to work, it doesn't make sense to sit there for so long waiting for the light to change. It would be very kind of you to check it out for me. Thank you, Lisa Turner, via email A: City public works officials haven't seen anything out of the ordinary about the traffic light but will keep an eye on it. Let me know if you've seen any changes, as well. California Bike Summit The California Bicycle Coalition is gearing up for its annual bike summit, Nov. 7-10 in Oakland. The summit provides cycling advocates and transportation planners statewide a path to plot the bike movement's course. The event will feature workshops on the state's transportation priorities, as well as best practices at the local and regional level. There also will be plenty of networking and bike riding opportunities. But to pull it all off, the Sacramento-based coalition needs help. It's seeking photographs to be included in the "California by Bike" website pages and for a special summit art project. It also needs volunteers and creative thinkers. Friday, July 5 is the deadline for inclusion in the web pages and ticket purchases. A date has yet to be determined for the summit art project. Meanwhile, volunteers are needed on the main steering committee, as well as on various subcommittees. To get a dropbox to upload images as well as to volunteer, contact Melissa Balmer, of the summit steering committee, at cbc@calbike.org. Be sure to tell her a little about yourself and your expertise. Also, sponsorship opportunities – both financial and in kind – are available. For a sponsorship kit, email Dave Snyder at dave@calbike.org. Learn more about the bike summit at http://www.calbike.org/events/2013-california-bike-summit/. Registration for the summit begins July 15.
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