Bike helmets save lives

Earlier this week, Street Smarts posted an email from a Soquel-area grandma concerned about childrens' safety while riding in bicycle carriages behind bicycles ridden by their parents. The Community Traffic Safety Coalition weighed in about bicycle safety. Hear now from CHP spokesman Bradley Sadek about the importance of youths wearing bike helmets: "According to the California Vehicle Code (CVC), in section 21212 (a), any person under the age of 18 years old is required to wear a properly fitted and fastened safety helmet when riding the following:
  • A bicycle
  • A nonmotorized scooter
  • A skateboard
  • In-line or roller skates
  • A bicycle as a passenger
  • A nonmotorized scooter as a passenger
  • A skateboard as a passenger
"In these cases, the minor violator and the parent or guardian are held responsible for paying any fines associated with this violation. "Safety helmets are also a very good idea for adults. There is a reason a VERY LARGE percentage of the Santa Cruz bicycle community can be seen wearing them. "It is important to remember, our heads are made of hard bone -- our brains are not. An impact with any object, such as a car, roadway, tree, etc, at even slow speeds has the potential to cause severe trauma to the brain. As speed increase the risks increase as well. CHP officers know from experience, helmets save lives!"
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