Soquel grandma expressed concern for young cycling participants

Dear Street Smarts, Q: This mother of four and grandmother of four is daily appalled at the sight of mothers on bicycles, pulling their tiny passengers in flimsy little carts on busy streets. These children are so vulnerable, one can hardly imagine what their mothers are thinking. Can the fact that the children often may be wearing little safety helmets make them safe. Not nearly enough! Last week, at a Safeway parking lot, I watched a mother with two tiny children, puch them in their tiny, double stroller to her car. She carefully placed them in their car seats, stowed the stroller in the car trunk, slowly backed out and drove away. It was a comforting sight. Barbara Burklo, Soquel A: "As days warm up and the school year comes to a close, I expect to see many more people out riding their bicycles and walking, especially young people and those visiting from out of town," said Theresia Rogerson, coordinator of the Community Traffic Safety Coalition. "Bicyclists can increase their safety by wearing helmets, but as your reader says, this is not nearly enough! "For everyone using our roadways to be safer, motor vehicle drivers can slow their speed and become more aware of the increased bicycle and pedestrian traffic as we move into the busy summer months in our beautiful beachside town," she said. "Those walking and cycling are required to follow the rules of the road and can make themselves more visible by wearing bright clothing and using lights/reflectors at night. The Community Traffic Safety Coalition has good information on bicycle and pedestrian safety and traffic calming on their website at "My son is two years old and just learning to ride a bike. On our single lane roads in our neighborhood, we're teaching him to move over to the side whenever a car is coming in either direction," Rogerson continued. "He's certainly not yet able to make the judgements necessary to ride on busy streets, which is why I put him in my bike trailer for longer rides. I'm so grateful to those, such as Barbara, who are looking out for these tiny passengers and their moms. We need more motorists like her who are cautious and aware!"
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