SCPD memorial procession video returns

Sergeant Baker - Officer Butler Memorial Procession From CHP Motorcycle The video shot during the funeral procession for fallen officers Sgt. Loran "Butch" Baker and Det. Elizabeth Butler from Santa Cruz's Beach Flats area to San Jose's HP Pavilion is back on YouTube. Baker and Butler were fatally shot Feb. 26 while investigating a man suspected of sexual assault. The procession video, which was shot by CHP officer Sam Courtney, has been edited down by the CHP from its original 7 minutes to two minutes 42 seconds and appears on the Santa Cruz Police Department's YouTube page. While having the same music and images as the original posted in a minimally edited form March 8, a day after Baker and Butler's funeral, it is different. The CHP added the words: "When a peace officer is killed in the line of duty, it is an attack on the moral fiber of our society. But these attacks will never define us. For what defines us is what unites us. Detective Butler and Sergeant Baker were protectors and colleagues, neighbors, friends, a mother and father and beloved members of our community. On behalf of the law enforcement community, thank you for your support. Produced by the CHP in recognition of the SCPD." At the time of posting this blog entry, the video had 50 views. The previous video had amassed more than 26,000 views in the week it was on YouTube. Visually, the new video starts out with a photo of law enforcement officers lined up before the procession with their vehicles in the background. Alongside the music bed, a motorcycle engine idles in the background. Then the video takes the viewer along the procession route. Unlike the first video, which took viewers from start to finish along the procession route in a fast paced manner and slowing down to show the mourners along the way, this version spends quite a bit of time highlighting the people who stood along Ocean Street to show their support for the fallen officers, Santa Cruz Police and law enforcement. It then flashes forward to a group of officers standing in formation along Highway 85 at Highway 87 before jumping back to the mourners standing atop the overpass on Highway 17 at Pasatiempo Drive. About eight more crowded overpasses between Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties are highlighted.That's down from about 20 overpasses seen in the original video. The video closes with photos of Baker and Butler.
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