No dedicated left turn light coming to Cabrillo College Drive, Park Avenue

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I enjoy reading your advice on Street Smarts and appreciate the opportunity to have somewhere to voice my concerns. I live in Soquel, near the busy intersection of Cabrillo College Drive and Park Avenue. There is a small neighborhood which includes a church, until recently, a preschool and a Montessori school on the north side of Park Avenue. When we have to leave our little neighborhood, we have to take Cabrillo College Drive, going south, to go onto Park. When one has to make a right onto Park, one has the right of way, which means that the people waiting on the northbound end of Cabrillo College Drive, usually careless college students, have to yield to us so they can then proceed with their left hand turn from Cabrillo College Drive, northbound, onto Park. This however, is not the case. Drivers don't respect that rule and instead go ahead and make their left hand turn while we either dodge them, try to be brave and turn when possible or wait till they stop turning and the light is red. Is there nothing that can be done? Can a left hand turn arrow be added on to the light at the northbound Cabrillo College Drive, so all those careless drivers actually stop and allow us to safely make our right hand turn? It is a safety hazard for many people and an ongoing concern. Please help. Thanks for listening, Adriana Lugo A: "There are signs facing both sides of the intersection that state, 'LEFT TURN YIELD ON GREEN BALL,'" said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for county public works. "Both approaches to Park Avenue must yield to through traffic. This is how we typically address this issue. Aggressive drivers are not always willing to yield and honking at people may not create the best response from them."  
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