Two lanes of traffic along Hwy 9 at Glen Arbor re-open April 6

Dear Street Smarts, Q: We had to laugh, just last week we saw in your column: "Scratch that July 31 date, said Susana Cruz of Caltrans. The actual date is March 29." We immediately started taking bets on the March 29 date. Nobody bet on March 29 and just one week later we hear: "Traffic controls have been in place 24 hours a day since the project began in September. They will continue through early April. Delays of up to 15 minutes should be expected." Hmmm., I am beginning to think July 31 is a good date to bet on! It is absurd that they have taken this long to fix our major connection to Santa Cruz. It has gotten so bad, especially on weekends, that we always take one of the alternate routes, which by the by are experiencing extra wear and tear due to the increased traffic load. Curt Antos, Ben Lomond A: The recent rain pushed the “re-opening of Highway 9 to two lanes back about a week to Saturday, April 6,” said Colin Jones, Caltrans spokesman. “Overall, it was a mild winter and Caltrans has worked closely with the contractor to expedite the bridge and roadwork so traffic in the Santa Cruz Mountain community could return to normal as soon as possible.” Even after the highway re-opens, the landscaping portion of the project will continue for a year. “Caltrans really appreciates the community’s patience and understanding,” Jones said. “We know it’s been a difficult traffic situation for them. But this project was very important for the long-term stability of the highway.” SVPD revives motorcycle training course The Scotts Valley Police Department is revving up its motorcycle safety training course 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 30 in the Scotts Valley High School parking lot, 555 Glenwood Drive. Slots are still available for experienced riders who would like to brush up on their skills under the direction of six current and former police officers with more than 100 combined years of motorcycle riding experience. Cost is $250, which includes a T-shirt, lunch and a certificate of completion. The department began offering the classes last year as a way to increase safety on the road, as well as raise money for the Scotts Valley Peace Officer’s Association-sponsored Cops ‘N’ Rodders Antique Car Show and Police Motorcycle Competition Friday and Saturday, July 20 and 21. Proceeds from those events go to youth scholarships, sports equipment for schools and events, including Sober Grad Night. Riders must come with their own DOT approved motorcycle helmet, glasses, full-fingered gloves, ankle high boots, proof of auto insurance and M1 endorsement. For information, visit
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